The Adversary

by Ekstasis

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CD version from Pest Productions/Owltree available here:

Recorded and mixed February through April, MMXVI, at Dub Narcotic Studios by Sam Gray.
Mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering.
All photography by Alex Mody Photography.
Design by Ekstasis.
All music and lyrics by Ekstasis.
Copyright MMXVI.

Ekstasis is:
Johnny DeLacy, Mara Winter, Ray Hawes,
Mae Kessler, Michael Korchonnoff,
and Marit Schmidt.

This record was written across the western half of America throughout MMXIV, MMXV and MMXVI ~ written at home, on the road, in dreams and visions, in private and in public. We would like to extend thanks to everyone who housed us, shared meals with us,shared memories and dreams, who came to our shows, and let us practice in their living rooms, backyards and basements. This would be nothing without you. Special thanks to Pablo, Buffy, Webi, Raina and Nas, Peter Kessler, Sam Kates-Goldman, Sam Gray, Alex Mody, Tanner Anderson, Blackbird Raum.


released June 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Ekstasis Olympia, Washington

Ekstasis is a group of musicians and mystics centered around Olympia, WA. Our music consists of transcendent meditations and crystalline harmonies beating to the rhythm of open hearts.

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Track Name: The Adversary
Grasping at menacing shadows
Hobbled by anger and fear
Tangled in visions that haunt us
Taunting and weaving their webs
Let them taunt and wrap a cocoon
Swaddling us in our wounds
Smoke clearing, leaden wings growing
Embers to glow from the breath

Rapt in the liberty of your snare
Shadowed by an enemy who is not there
Wrapped and bound in threads silken and still
Breaking our skin on the enemy’s shell
Unveiling the reflection; our selves within.

Is this the gift of the challenge?
A prayer for growth out of pain?
Is death a gift for the hopeless?
And life for all who remain?

Open the bliss of the moment
Open the abyss of change
Chains are the weight of our freedom
We who offer struggle, open space
We grasp at the weave of our chrysalis
And may these walls we pierce have strength
A blessing in adversity
From The Adversary’s arms; a Gift.
Track Name: A Ladder
With every brush against your grace
A lifetime yearning
For every moment of embrace
A candle burning
With every breath of open air
Your name upon me
These veins of lightning, striking Earth
A ladder, rising home.

With every glance upon your face
A mirror watching
With every crash of breaking waves
A flood of memory
These woven scars upon your skin
A solemn path winding
Through every moment of this life
A dream, and nothing more.
Track Name: Pride
Long ago, before time began
We named the stars and knew our births
And kept the spirits close at hand

We have a name, we have a song
And we write our futures
With all the colors in our blood

Now the rainbow’s drained of light
And stories have no home
The birds get lost in pilgrimage
And the trees roam on their roots

We have a name, we have a song
And we write our futures
With all the colors in our blood

We have a name, we have a song
We paint our elders
With all the colors in our blood

We have a name, we have a song
We lead our children
Through all the colors in our blood.